Scholarship and Engagement

CSU's International Studies Program supports a wide range of student research, scholarship and engagement. Our faculty seek to guide students' endeavors to  illuminate critical global issues and highlight the interdisciplinary nature of international and global studies.

Research Papers

Thesis research papers in International Studies analyze, respond to, and address "wicked problems" and other challenging, critical questions with global resonance.

Creative Projects

The International Studies senior thesis may take the form of a creative project, such as a film, creative writing piece, website, or artwork.

Featured Senior Capstone Projects

All International Studies majors at CSU are required to complete a senior thesis project. This project can take the form of a traditional scholarly research paper, a creative project, or another option related to the theme of their capstone seminar.

The work below represents a sampling of the wide variety of projects and topics pursued by our students.


This is the homepage for the Waste Management in Tunisia project.


Independent Study

Featured Student Research Presentation: “Tradition in Decline: Economy, Culture, and the Environment in Rural Japan”

Join International Studies Major Natalie Montecino as she presents the results of her independent study research on rural Japan in Spring 2021. Watch the presentation HERE.



Web Resource: "Understanding the Middle East and North Africa"