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Featured Senior Thesis Projects

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary . . .

  • A stereotype is a preconceived, "standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment."
  • A bias is "a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment," often resulting from stereotypes.
  • Prejudice is the "injury or damage resulting from some judgment" or bias against another.

As humans, we are all biased, but we need not be ruled by our biases. We have the power to determine how our perspectives, stereotypes, and preconceptions affect our actions. By recognizing and deconstructing our implicit biases, we can prevent them from becoming prejudice.

The resources below aim to expose, address, and challenge widespread implicit biases associated with race, ethnicity, and religion. They serve as a foundation for understanding and deconstructing Western misconceptions about the Middle East and North Africa.

Research Papers

Thesis research papers in International Studies analyze, respond to, and address "wicked problems" and other challenging, critical questions with global resonance. They present original work with a clear thesis statement that is supported by evidence. In investigating their subjects, our students draw on primary sources and scholarship in multiple disciplines and multiple languages. Their work contributes to the growing interdisciplinary field of International Studies.

Travel Narratives

This option allows students to integrate course content on travel with their personal international or cross-cultural experience to create a travel or immersion narrative. Most International Studies majors have had an international experience by the time they graduate. This thesis option provides an opportunity for them to meaningfully share and reflect on their diverse experiences.

Creative Projects

The International Studies senior thesis may take the form of a creative project, such as a film, creative writing piece, website, or artwork. This option requires major effort, self-motivation, and experience in the student's medium of choice, but it also yields impressive and creative results. It highlights our students' wide-ranging skill set.