Do What You Love

A Degree In International Studies Can Lead To Careers In:


A great way to enhance your career opportunities is to participate in paid or volunteer work, or internship opportunities.

CSU’s International Studies program offers course credit for relevant internships and helps to connect students with internship opportunities. You can view and download our INST 487: Internship Form here. To learn more, set up a meeting with your academic advisor or our internship coordinator.

Graduate School

Many international studies graduates enter graduate or professional schools for more specialized study. Common subjects include: International Affairs, Security Studies, History, Anthropology, Languages, Political Science, Economics, International Business, and International Law. There are also many options for graduate study internationally.

We also offer an Accelerated Master's Program (BA + MPPA) in International Studies & Public Policy and Administration

To learn more, speak with your Academic Success Coordinator, an International Studies faculty member, or visit the Graduate School.


Graduates in International Studies apply their education in a wide variety of careers. In addition to the sectors listed above, our alumni find fulfilling work in many areas in need of intelligent, well-rounded, and broadly world-educated people.

To learn more about your career options and how to make the most of your International Studies skills and capabilities, speak with your Academic Success Coordinator, or schedule a meeting with a member of the International Studies faculty. CSU's Career Center is also a great resource for students and alumni.