دراسات الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا

مطالعات خاورمیانه و شمال آفریقا

המזרח התיכון וצפון אפריקה

Orta Doğu ve Kuzey Afrika Çalışmaları

The MENA (Middle East / North Africa) Concentration emphasizes the interdisciplinary study of Middle East and North African societies. Courses in this Concentration include history, economics, literature, sociology, political science, anthropology, art, and language skills; these disciplines in combination give students a powerful tool for understanding and interpreting the region’s past and present. This Concentration within the International Studies major aims to trace the similarities and differences among countries in the MENA, recognizing the historical origins of current conditions.

Person standing by ancient structures in Petra

Concentration Content

  • The International Studies core requirements
  • At least three years of a Middle Eastern and/or African language - or two years of two languages
  • A course in general Middle East & African history
  • At least one course in all of the following subjects: anthropology, geography, political science, and economics
  • Eight courses from the following topic areas
    • History and Politics of the Middle East/North Africa
    • Thought and Culture of the Middle East/North Africa
    • International Studies

Presently, the French language is offered at Colorado State University for this concentration. We hope to start Arabic in the near future. With advisor approval, other languages could be studied in study abroad programs..

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